Joint seminar of University of Syiah Kuala and Nagoya University
2004 Ache-Andaman Great Earthquake” at Banda Aceh on November 29-30, 2005

We entered the town of Banda Aceh in February, 2005.We were able to foresee the seashore with a distance of 3 km from the Great Musk. Having survived with the colony where 90% passed away, and families killed without him, we heard sad recollections from those people. Then, scientists of Nagoya University, visited to Aceh more than four times now.
Although tsunami left miserable recollections in Aceh, the new motion of such as peace agreement has quickened really. We desire as a scientist that he wants to survey the revival and research the process of the re-coupling process after a great earthquake.
Nagoya University has already held the lecture and the seminar especially three times as a collaboration with University of Syiah Kuala. As the 1st anniversary near at hand, we would like to hold a international joint seminar about “2004 Ache-Andaman Earthquake at Banda Aceh.
Would you joint the international seminar at Banda Aceh and watch the huge tsunami disaster and calamity revival there? We hope many participants to joint.
Japan side secretariat of the local common seminar: Fumi Kimata, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya Univ.

Time Table
November 29: Surveying the Tsunami disaster and reconstruction in Banda Aceh
November 30: Joint seminar "2004 Ache-Andaman Earthquake" at University of Syiah Kuala